that extra mile

Hello dear readers,

I am different; some say its my warm smile or my kind heart and the others say behind my back. The words spoken or unspoken, I have realized the difference most of my life. Never been the one to fit right in with the conventional crowd or been the one to make friends straight away in a new atmosphere. But the ones I have made stand by side, no matter what (most of the time). What worries me though, is that I am always the one to get hurt in a relationship. I, willingly so it would seem, would go an extra mile to stop and help anyone dear to me. However, the urge to reciprocate, to stretch oneself for another is not mutual which is what hurts me the most. Hurt has never been my strong suit and I get hurt very easily. But it will take a lot before I have an emotional break down.  There are the peaks and downfalls in my relationships just like every one else’s  and the moments of felicity make me over look the constant dull ache of the pain endured in the relationship.

Does the person who gives the most to a relationship always get hurt or am I the only one in for a lifetime of hurt? Am I  alone in feeling all this?

Until next time



My First Day as a Blogger

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life , because you become what you believe.”    ~Oprah Winfrey

Hello Dear Readers,

This is my first attempt at blogging and my thoughts are a hot mess. I do not know where to pick up and where to leave off. Anyway, here goes. Today I lay in my bed at stared at the ceiling, but sleep never came. I was exhausted after the daily and the extracurricular activities but the exhaustion was no match for the urge of wanting to write. I was a writer  before my family went off and made a big decision to move approximately 10,000 miles away from where I had settled for two years. I felt like I finally had a place in this world, like I meant something. But the whole world went against me and the feeling did not last for very long. I did not write for others but for myself. My diary used to be my best friend but now we have drifted apart like two magnet poles repelling each other. I have changed and I have lost a part of myself. But this first blog was just me, familiarizing and reuniting myself with the feeling of getting lost in my thoughts once again in life. Life is short after all.

Do you feel the same way, that getting lost in writing is the best part of life? Or am I alone in feeling all this?

Until next time